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Savan Source Inc was founded in 2011 and is a certified 100% woman-owned and minority-owned small business enterprise serving the commercial and government markets. We are a logistics and supply chain management services provider that handles procurement and distribution of products across multiple industries.

To meet the growing demands of our customers, Savan Source expanded our logistics services to include trucking and hauling in 2015. Using our own asset equipped with GPS tracking solution, we can deliver quality services safely and on time.

With decades of experience, our team can assist the customers in identifying their greatest challenges and formulating a solution that will give you the best ROI. We’re a small company making a BIG difference!




With over decades of experience in logistics and supply chain management, we are well positioned to provide you with practical, sustainable, and effective performance management programs in warehousing, distribution, strategic sourcing, and transportation. Through working closely with our vendors and partners, we can supply and deliver an array of products across multiple industrials.

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  • Logistics Management Services

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Warehousing Services

  • Supply Chain Management Services

  • Distribution Services


  • Building Materials

  • Construction Materials

  • Industrial Products

  • Facility Supplies

  • Automotive Parts and Supplies


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Savan Source is an asset based company serving contractors in Chicago, and Chicago Suburbs. With GPS equipped asset, Savan Source can deliver to projects of all scopes and sizes. Our experience drivers can provide you with safe, efficient and timely services.

We specialize in trucking and hauling construction materials (crushed stone, sand, gravel), fill dirt, concrete, asphalt, metals, landscaping materials, demolition debris, and recycled materials to and from your job sites. Whether you are a contractor, distributor or supplier, we can deliver your load to a site you own or a local dump site.

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GPS Tracking

The Leader in Vehicle Telematics for businesses is here.

Better Drivers Mean Better Business
Our GPS solution gives businesses the power to develop safer, more efficient drivers at scale through real time driver and vehicle alerts, driver scoring, and individual performance feedback.

With GPS tracking technology from Savan Source you’ll feel like you’re in the vehicle with each of your employees without ever leaving the office. The affordable, easy-to-use platform reliably and accurately tracks vehicle location, monitors vehicle condition, and scores driver performance–all from your browser or mobile device.



View all drivers in real time

Monitor Driver Habits.

Savan Source tracks, transmits, and stores real time vehicle information and is accessible from any browser or mobile device.

View Individual Trip Details

Know where your vehicles are at all times.

Savan Source users know, with pinpoint accuracy, where their vehicles are, how drivers behave behind the wheel, and how to improve vehicle and driver performance through data insights.

Set Limits and Alerts

Get alerts on your pc or mobile app.

Set alerts based on hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding, phone usage,
geographic boundaries and more.

Target The Best Drivers For Your Program

Innovative, Scalable, and Flexible.

With the most innovative, scalable and flexible connected car platform available, Savan Source delivers actionable driver performance data that enables you to identify and characterize more accurate risk profiles, and improve pricing and profitability across your entire portfolio.


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